Age - 21

Escort Istanbul Whatsapp girl Popy is so perfect that it is hard to believe in the first place she is not a mega-expensive sex doll. Her every image that you see here on the site would have definitely collected hundreds of thousands of likes in every social network. She has a body that no man can withstand. At least, it is very hard to think sharp when you see someone like her. Popy is a not real name, it’s a pseudonym, of course. It makes audible semblance to ‘pop’, which is a short from ‘Lollipop’ – indeed, she is sweet like a red sugar candy on a stick in your mouth. It is not really understood how a girl can be so beautiful.




Age - 25

Escort Istanbul Whatsapp woman Yana is from Russia, she is 25, and she loves to depict different images. Being always in a good mood, she laughs a lot, invigorating everyone to laugh together with her, granting nice and warm feelings. She can play whatever role you want for her in the bed: be a red devil or a pink unicorn, a strict mistress that will shut your mouth not allowing speaking or a humble and silent geisha – it is up to you to decide. Whatever you choose, sex is always great with her, no matter what will be the circumstances. She definitely can speed up your evening, stopping it from being languid.


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In the hotel room 2505, which I especially liked (but I won’t name the hotel in this text, of course), was my ‘sex office’, in which I was working as one of escort Istanbul English girls. I selected it for the fact it had everything I needed: lots of light 24/7, which can be made up and down gradually; big and beautiful bath with absolutely gorgeously smelling towels, king size bed, two big windows, and a balcony to sit on, smoke and drink, and ponder about life looking at breathtaking panorama of a city at night or a day, looking down on it from the 12th floor.

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It was the first time I have decided on such an experiment. The club was dark and nice to stay in it. I did not want to leave. “Here is your couple,” said a woman from girls WhatsApp who met me, pointing to another girl from escort WhatsApp, kneeling and licking a shoe of my new acquaintance. “Well, that’s enough!” she commanded and the woman obediently retired on her knees and hands into the room and lay down on the sofa, the hair curled up. My new friend was Natalie, and her mate-maid was named Kate. Kate was, you can say naked: her chest was wrapped around a rope knitted behind her neck, a dog collar around her neck, and at the waist, there was a belt to which was tied a rope, passed through the crotch.

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I gravitate to men that almost nobody else considers sexy: elderly men in the span between 40-45 and 60. Not too old to forget how to move and make sex when they are with girls but not too young to shoot several times per hour not letting me enjoy the process.

Let me tell you about reasons for such below.

I am a student. I was born in Istanbul but currently, I live and study in Zurich. It is needless to say that, as every student, I love to booze on wild parties, to buy some pretty dress or two and to have a 1-2-3-days short trip to elsewhere to discover new places. Of course, I need money for that. I don’t like to work in a boring pizzeria or like some meeter-greeter in the office. I am on scholarship to pay for education and my parents send me some money so I could buy the necessities like books and everything other I need to study. But I have too little money for entertainment left. However, I think it is too silly to miss an opportunity to live while you’re young. That is why I came up with a plan – I date with local elderly men for money. It is not like an escort Istanbul WhatsApp service, you know.