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Age 21
Nationality Ukrainian
Height 156
Weight 48
Breast size 3
Age 25
Nationality Russian
Height 171
Weight 53
Breast size 2

Escort Istanbul Whatsapp woman prepares a dinner for her client at his home

Sometimes I receive unusual assignments, complementing the original idea of calling me to someone’s home or apartment. One of such tasks yesterday was making a dinner at clients’ house. Completely naked. Well, only wearing an apron. Though, it was even more arousing than wearing nothing – as, you know, it is always much sexier to wear one or two things on the naked body than to be completely undressed. I already understood that it was a part of a man’s psychology: when a girl from Escort Istanbul Whatsapp service (and any other girl either) wears only something, it excites them much more than when she becomes totally undressed. That is why stockings and high heels (without anything else) are so popular among the men population during sex with a girl. Especially if she is pretty, just like me.

Escort Istanbul WhatsApp tells about her preferences in men

I gravitate to men that almost nobody else considers sexy: elderly men in the span between 40-45 and 60. Not too old to forget how to move and make sex when they are with girls but not too young to shoot several times per hour not letting me enjoy the process.

Let me tell you about reasons for such below.

I am a student. I was born in Istanbul but currently, I live and study in Zurich. It is needless to say that, as every student, I love to booze on wild parties, to buy some pretty dress or two and to have a 1-2-3-days short trip to elsewhere to discover new places. Of course, I need money for that. I don’t like to work in a boring pizzeria or like some meeter-greeter in the office. I am on scholarship to pay for education and my parents send me some money so I could buy the necessities like books and everything other I need to study. But I have too little money for entertainment left. However, I think it is too silly to miss an opportunity to live while you’re young. That is why I came up with a plan – I date with local elderly men for money. It is not like an escort Istanbul WhatsApp service, you know.